6 jan. 2010


Sweater, dress, tights.. all H&M =# I really have to stop that. It's just that I bought two sweaters, two shirts, a pair of jeans, a dress and a skirt at H&M recently, and.. okay okay I'll confess, I'm a freak for the store. It's just.. magnificent :) This sweater was 9 euros in the sale (it's mens btw)! Yes, you get my fetish now?
(Yes I figured mirror pictures will do for now. I should get professional, get a personal photographer ^^)

It's so beautiful outside now. Cars driving at camping-speed. Even the tramlines above the streets, stop signs, thin tree branches and all the bikes are covered in snow. When on the top of the bridge, a view of a frozen lake with little boats stuck in between (ours too..): it's still pure because no one dares walking the ice.. yet.
Stomping my feet against the stairs to get the snow off, taking off my shoes before going in. When having turned the key with half frozen hands, a smell of food: 'Capuchin dish' we call it. I felt a strong desire to yell 'Mom, dad, I'm home!' throughout the house. In fact I kind of did. Yes, I live for summer days but I'd truly miss the winter if I'd move southward.

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Casey zei

I wish I could say I miss a nice, cold winter, but living in Los Angeles all my life means I've never experienced it. I've only seen snow twice!

I LOVE that sweater! You're very clever for checking out the men's section, I should try that sometime.

Adela zei

great sweater! =)


M. zei

love your sweater!

lovelove, M.

enterrement de vie de jeune fille Paris zei

Le sweater est original il fait penser à un soleil de flammes