10 jan. 2010

well it's a possibility

This creeps me out.
Is it a hat? Is it a Japanese umbrella? No, it's Lady Gaga's very own hair!

And Gaga she is.
What do you think of her as a singer/fashion icon/person?

source: nydailynews

14 opmerkingen:

My Life Is A Mess zei

I don't believe it's her hair possibly fake hair or something.I appreciate she trys to be unique but I'm not really into that kind of music!

Casey zei

Woah! I don't believe that's her real hair, but whatever it is, it's amazing!

I'm on the fence about Lady Gaga. On one hand, I feel like she's doing what Bjork has been doing since forever, just multiplied by 10. Yet she is also a lot of fun to sing to when you're driving around with your friends.

biotechnology zei

She's amazing. She definatly know what to do to be original.

renéesturme/blog zei

trying too much makes her a mix of others instead of having an own personality.

Rebecca, The Clothes Horse zei

To me: she's an entertainer. She's about giving us something fun and crazy to look at, and she's fearless.

layia zei

Is that really her hair?
Anyways, Lady Gaga is fresh and interesting! An amusing entertainer, she always spices things up!

Elaine zei

That's her hair?!??! Thgat is going to be a beast to shampoo!


AudreyAllure zei

i think lady gaga is an amazing performer and entertainer. but not so much of a fashionista. lol i do admire her boldness though.

Julls zei

I love her,she is soooo brave to wear all those crazy stuff !

Zenobie zei

I adore Lady GaGa for the simple fact that she pushed the boundaries of “acceptable” fashion.

iheartvintagex zei

Amg thats her hair? Haha she is so crazy and awesome! :) ♥

enterrement de vie de jeune fille zei

Ouaahhh!! quelle parure sur la tête c'est magnifique

Shopper zei

She do really crazy thinks with hair. I don't adore her music, but Gaga's outfits are cool.

kimi zei

I think it's a hat but I love her for giving us the chance to discuss whether she's wearing a hat or whether this is her real hair.