9 jan. 2010

sample sale

Today I spent at the barber first. After that, we went to my dad's office. You see: he was working on this campaign and the company it was for, sent hundreds of shirts/sweaters/hoodies/polos. There were a lot left after the campaign, so we were 'invited' to come see and grab what we wanted. The rest'd go to the Salvation Army. I do feel very sorry for the less unfortunate but I came home with:

6 basic shirts: cobalt blue, bright blue, light pink, grey, lime green and black.
4 polos: white, yellow, dark grey and black.
3 sweaters: grey, black and dark blue (the last one is XXL mens so HUGE.)
1 hoodie: light blue.

So I've got my share of free clothing for this.. week? Month? Year? Well you could never have enough =# And if I end up not wearing it I'll personally send it to the SA :)

Remember these? I did the counting backwards now, like for on the piano ;)

I decided to do a 'what's in my bag'-photo. It's nothing exiting or anything.
- A little bag for my phone (and my phone, used for pictures)
- A black pen (I took my notebook out last-minute so kind of useless)
- To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee. Inspired by my dad the Noisettes I started reading this for school. It's really good!
- Tissues
- Bike lights
- Keys
- Liquorice drops

Upstairs and outside. Boy it was cold today!

Hey we got hungry. And thirsty. And greedy at last. Sinful us.

So how was your Saturday? :)

Ps. I wasn't supposed to prove global warming wrong in the last post, I'm sorry. I do believe in it, that's not it, but I'm actually wondering if it won't do the Dutch winters a pleasure.. if it wouldn't kill all the Dutchmen first :D

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Roos zei

You're so sweet and inspiring!

The Owl Diary zei

lucky you!
& yay for snow!

AudreyAllure zei

haha i do want to stop by the salvation army now to stock up on some clothing haha

renéesturme/blog zei

mooi uitzicht buiten!