4 feb. 2010

ooh i loved that movie just as soon as you said you did

Sweater, H&M. Shirt, Sergent Major (French kids store). Necklace, made by my sister (pearler beads!) Bracelets, from my childhood.

Okay, you guys, I don't get why I'm still single with this kind of humor:
Yes, believe it. My mom and I were talking about how I don't own a proper pair of slippers and always parade around the house on my socks. And don't blame me: I had a phase. Got over it soon enough, because it cost me all my allowance, but yes I was into trends and yes, on one cold winter day I biked all the way across the city for.. fake Uggs. UGGGH! And now, they serve as my special keep-your-toes-warm dwarf shoes: with laces! My mom and I DIY-ed this at eleven yesterday night!
You can say all you want about it, but you can't deny that it's original.

And it keeps-my-toes-warm ;)

6 opmerkingen:

saamielola zei

het is origineel en ik moet toegeven, het ziet er echt kei tof uit!
+ strijkparels zijn de max!

Casey zei

I actually really like them! Such a clever idea, kudos to you and your mother. If I see a cheap pair of fakes Uggs anytime soon I just might give it a try :]

Rosie zei

Hurray! Hurray! For the pimped fake Uggsies!

(And yes I'm still following

fhen zei

this is cool! upgraded ugg :))
i have just followed you
mind to follow back?


Zenobie zei

I thought they were desert boots at first. Pretty interesting Fugs (thats fake-uggs!)

Slanelle zei

i love your sweater!