31 mei 2009

we'll be living in a sailing house

Yesterday was amazing! We took the boat to have barbecue, on a lake. Our boat is this sad little aluminum thingie, so it didn't last too long, the lake-time. Me, my playsuit (pretty much all I wore!) and my mom got really cold and wet. We barbecued on this little island of grass, because it was so quiet. Then, there came a wedding of people we just knew would divorce five years later, so woosh, gone peace. All in all it was a great day, with its flaws but ah well, you can't have everything can you.

This was a small harbor we had to wait at, for the other boats to come the other way.

I lay on a pier facing the sky. This was the view when you looked down.. water, what a surprise?

You might think I took an ordinary photo of blue from Google or something. Nope guys, this was the sky. Heaven, as some might call it. I could have believed it at the time! But, atheistic as I am..

Bigfoot sails the seas. Uh, lakes.

Our itty bitty boatie facing the forest.

A blue view :)

My future home. No kidding. Its simple- and shabbiness appeals to me. Just the price, it probably won't..

(Like this? I made a tag for things 'not containing' the blog or fashionality, but it'll be useless if you my guests don't enjoy it :) I think we need something more personal here though. So collections of photos will come more often, yes?)

30 mei 2009

as easy as it gets

So this is the playsuit. €9,90 at H&M. 60% Cotton, 40% polyester. A knot in the back of your neck. A knot at your waist. So darn comfy. You haven't seen the last of it.

29 mei 2009

relax, soon it'll be worse

'So tomorrow OK?' Yuck. I disgust my own words. But it so came to be I wasn't wearing my yellow dress anytime this week, because I gave it to my friend Salome 'for all your hemmings and adjustments'. It needed shortening. Any other outfits worn were simply not intriguing or plain good enough to photograph. Above the fact that I simply didn't feel like it.

So what else is new? I bought a playsuit! My friend (same one) told me H&M sold playsuits, and so we went there. I thought 'when it's more expensive than 20 euros I won't buy it.' What do you know: it was ten! That's fairly cheap, even for H&M, for such a handy outfit for perhaps the beach, shopping, school.. let's just say whenever you feel lazy :) I'll post pictures soon enough, because the weather is so nice I could actually wear it (without tights)!

Sorry for this once again boring post. I will not make it a habit to just blab, without anything to look at but words. Darn words.


24 mei 2009

because one could not live without

Short post in between, containing this: I've been dancing all weekend. This explains my absence. For these two beautiful sunny days, I've been sitting inside, bored, overly pancaked (do the English call the gross orange make-up that, too?) and waiting for the breaking of sweat for the performance of three minutes.

Four times.

Still follow? Basically it's this: I had to perform a dance in a show my dancing school organized and all. And it was over 68 degrees outside! I was tightless and it had no use because I did not meet the sun! That sentence was way too poetic!

But tomorrow, it's gonna be hot too, so now I'm finishing up this explanation of mine and I'm going to find a pair of shoes fitting with my yellow dress, darn it. (Which I bought on Queen's Day and you haven't seen yet, so tomorrow OK?)

21 mei 2009

strangles me

First of all, thanks for all of these comments! I'm gone for one day, come back and woosh. I'll try to come back to them as soon as possible ;) I forgot to tell you guys I went out to stay over at a friend's house with the five of us. It was really fun! But since I pretty much left right after school and I'm wearing about the same thing today (shameful isn't it?), this outfit is from yesterday.

Tank top, Hema. Skirt, vintage Only via Episode. Cardigan, Ross. Tights, Hema. Shoes, Zipper.

19 mei 2009

the day was darker than anyone thought it to be

Blouse, secondhand (Queen's Day). Slim jeans, Levi's.

This was one of the things I found/bought on Queen's Day. Now I'm going to copy my lookbook story on this outfit because I'm lazy:

I got this blouse for just ONE euro on Queen's Day! There was this HUGE stand where EVERYTHING was ONE euro. SORRY for the annoying capital letters.

It really did annoy me that there was pretty much nothing else that I liked or could use, except for.. worn-out dark blue Dr. Martens! That were too small on me!! How suckish is that? They were perfect!

18 mei 2009

well those people will never love

Today: Silk top, secondhand (mom's old). (Top under, H&M.) Cardigan, Benetton. Skirt, H&M. Tights, H&M Young. Socks, H&M. Shoes, Zipper.

I'm getting used to/good at posting outfits asap. I'm hoping I can keep it up, I probably shouldn't have said that though because now, of course, it's not going to happen..

No more of a story today, again.. I'm getting either uninspired when it comes to words, not willing to tell.. or tolerant to you guys ;)

17 mei 2009

but i don't even wánt to sing out loud

Blouse dress, H&M. Belt, mom's old. Green tights, H&M. Socks, unknown. Shoes, Zipper.

I don't have any words for you today.. should you be blessed now? ;)

13 mei 2009

and the angels with the demons sing

This is a men's sweater. Hello men's sweater. It's pink and I bought it at the Zipper. (At which me and my friend finally found out, they have a separated men's and women's side and we always used to just wonder around everywhere but that's how you get these kinda buys right?) Anyway, I wanted to wear it as a dress and so I did, but the problem with me and (semi or totall-i) short skirts and dresses is that I keep tugging it even if my buttocks are not showing. So I wore it like down here afterwards, because it gives me a secure feeling.

And just at the moment that I can't show my face anymore, I found these. Well, bought. On Queen's Day. For 50 euro cents. Isn't that amazing?! Well, they aren't real Ray-Ban's or anything, but still. They were sunnies but the 'glasses' in them were all damaged so I simply popped them out. And the effect? My family members laughed me in the face HARD when I 'suddenly went half blind' whilst wearing them on the couch. My friends find me a fool, but so they did already and geeky glasses you can poke your fingers through to prove they're of no use make no difference to their opinion. And me? I likie likie a lott-ie.

And these, you met, so to save you a long unnecessary story about 'em I'm leaving this blank after THIS.

PLUS: I have a BURRRNING question, namely: who of you dear ones is 'invited' to read The Wandering Alchemist and could get me 'in'? I read ALL of Sam's archives when her blog wasn't yet closed for some/most people, and I just adore her style so much.. Don't believe me? In one of her first posts she talked about Lego accesoires. Well, if you could get me to read her blog again and stuff, I'd love you for it.. thanks in advance!

with a million kisses good night

Well well well. I've been back from Texel for.. let's call it a few days, and so there are FIVE - yes, in case you missed the point of the capital letters FIVE FIVE FIVE - outfits I have to post. I used Casey's very useful tip on just looking away or hiding your face in the photos-something obvious enough to just not come to me. Anyhow, here they are: saturday through wednesday (today).

Saturday: Top, secondhand (mom's). Skirt, H&M. Tights, H&M Young. Necklace, selfmade (melon!).

Sunday: Top, Bristol. Purple cardigan, Ross. Blue cardigan, Benetton. Pants, market. Shoes, Zipper. Bag, secondhand (mom's). Necklace, selfmade (shell). (I have like this bold spot on my head and I only found out when taking these pictures.. it bothers me much.)

Monday: Shirt, H&M. Cardigan, Ross. Skirt, H&M. Tights, Hema. Shoes, Zipper. Necklace, selfmade (I found my old-time Flippo's back, that used to come with the chips bags and stuff and I love it :D).

Tuesday: Skirt as top (?!), secondhand. Striped shirt, H&M. Cardigan, H&M Young. Pants, market.

Today: Dress as top, Zipper (men's sweater). Skirt, vintage Only via Episode. Cardigan, Ross. Shoes, Zipper. Tights, H&M. Bag, secondhand (mom's).

As you can see I've got some new 'stuff' as well, like the shoes wshich were a replacement for those yellow ones you actually just met recently. They're in the trash now, because my mom said I looked like some kind of hobo wearing them. I'm such a bad teenager (in the sense of listening to what my parents have to say which people my age aren't supposed to do.. but darnn they raised me well).
About those new buys, and of course the things I found/bought for an unreal price on Queen's Day, will be shown later on. The QD pieces will first have to be washed thoroughly before I'm actually wearing them, so they'll be posted later and I could pretty much show you 'the rest'.. new post to come.